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KSGW Introduction - Events

We invite you to “Korea Smart Grid Week,”
South Korea’s only exhibition/conference dedicated to smart grids.

This is the best opportunity to directly experience the latest products and solutions for the new energy sector,
which is expected to become the beneficiary of a huge influx of investments spurred by government policies like “Green New Deal/Digital New Deal” and “2050 Carbon Neutrality.” At Korea Smart Grid Week, you can seize business opportunities for realizing 2050 Carbon Neutrality.


Program Composition

  • A conference that serves as a venue for sharing knowledge of smart grids around the world.
    • Re-examination of SG and its future direction of development in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.
    • Technology presentations and description of smart grid demonstration sites in South Korea and abroad for the purpose of promoting exports of smart grid technologies.
    • Market environment of SG industry and strategies for attracting foreign companies.
  • Korea Smart Grid Expo showcases the latest trends in the energy industry.
    • Electric car charging infrastructure joint hall
    • DR special hall
    • MVDC special hall
    • Asset Management (AMS) special hall
    • ESS special hall
    • Smart community equipment / technologies


Office of Operations

  • Tel : (Conference) 02-6257-3610, (Exhibition) 02-6000-1087/1399
  • Fax:02-6257-3627
  • E-mail :