Smart Grid is with you.

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Introduction of Smart Grid

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The smart grid concepts

A smart grid is a next-generation power infrastructure system that is capable of intelligent demand management because information/communication technology is integrated with traditional power grids. Such integration enables suppliers and demanders to exchange information bi-directionally and in real time and consequently allows operators to implement intelligent demand management, connect the smart grid to renewable energy sources, and charge electric vehicles.

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Changes resulting from smart grid

Changes resulting from smart grid
Supply side
  • Maximized reliability of power supply facility.
  • Optimization of facility utilization achieved through load leveling.
  • Popularization of distributed power systems based on storage and renewable energy.
Consumption side
  • Efficient consumption of power based on diverse services (energy Internet).
  • Transition to a low-energy consumption society.
Market side
  • Commercialization of smart home appliances that respond to power demand levels.
  • Growth of energy efficiency-boosting industry, smart home, and smart buildings.
  • Expanded commercialization of charging infrastructure, electric vehicles, and AMIs.


Elements that make up a smart grid

A smart grid is made up of smart meters (AMI), energy management system (EMS), energy storage system (ESS), electric car and charging stations, distributive supply, renewable energy, bi-directional information communication technologies, and intelligent distribution/transmission system.

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