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Chairman's Message

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Smart Grid (intelligent power grid) is a next-generation power grid that maximizes energy efficiency by applying ICT technologies to conventional power grid to enable the mutual sharing of information between power suppliers and power consumers.

As a leading example of convergence in the energy industry in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the smart grid ecosystem consists of companies from many different industries including heavy machineries, information and communications, electronics, power, automobiles, and energy storage devices.

Established in May 2009 to represent the private sector of the smart grid industry and promote the growth of the industry, the Korea Smart Grid Association is working 100% to create a smart grid business model that meets consumer needs by monitoring trends in smart grid technologies, policies, and markets.

The Korea Smart Grid Association is focusing on developing smart grid technology standards so that it could develop policies for increasing benefits to suppliers (industry) and consumers (citizens). The association contributes to strengthening the skills of workers in the industry who are essential for the industry to get back on track by developing and operating various worker training courses. The association is also trying to help member companies establish their business plans by providing information and statistical data on smart grids deployed in South Korea as well as abroad.

Since its founding, the Korea Smart Grid Association has signed MOUs with private smart grid associations of major countries like the United States, Japan, India, UK, and Australia. KSGA is focused on enhancing the global reputation of Korea's smart grid industry by pursuing various activities to lay the foundation for international cooperation. These activities ranged from establishing OpenADR Korea for acquiring international certification to KSGA’s designation as a laboratory for OCPP certification.

In the future, the Korea Smart Grid Association shall work on helping member companies produce their best business performance so that the smart grid industry participants could progress in tandem amid the rapidly changing domestic and international energy market environment.

Thank you.

Chairman Ja-Kyun Koo, Korea Smart Grid Association

Korea Smart Grid Association