Smart Grid is with you.

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Roadmap for Smart Grid

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Policy Vision
Lay the foundation for low carbon, green growth through the construction of smart grids
Phase goals
  • In 2030, KSGA shall build a “nationwide” smart grid.
  • In 2020, KSGA built a consumer-oriented “metropolitan-wide” smart grid.
  • In 2012, KSGA built the world’s first smart grid “Test City.”
5 Key Areas

Power Grid

  • Build an open power platform
  • Build a system for predicting malfunction and automatic recovery


  • Build an intelligent meter infrastructure
  • Build an energy management automation system


  • Build a nationwide charging infrastructure
  • Build a V2G and ICT service system


  • Create a large-scale renewable energy generation complex
  • Develop energy self-sufficient home and building

Power Service

  • Develop different types of electricity pricing plans
  • Build intelligent power trading system


Jeju Demonstration Complex

Goals of building the complex

Build the world's largest and most comprehensive demonstration complex for new smart grid technologies. Test the results of the technology development activities and develop business models.

Lay the foundation for the commercialization of smart grid technology and development of an export business. Next, solidify South Korea’s position as a leading country in smart grid.

Overview of the demonstration complex

The complex is partitioned into 6 areas to reflect the regional characteristics better

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Consortium data for each area

Consortium data for each area
Area Leading Company Participating Companies
Smart Place SK Telecom 28 companies including Injin Electric, Samsung Electronics, EN Technologies, LH, Hyundai Heavy Industries.
KT 15 companies including Hyosung, Samsung SDI, Omnisystem, DigitalOcean, Korea Electronics Technology Institute.
LG Electronics 13 companies including LG Chemical, GS Construction, LG U+, MAT, Omni-Path, PSTEC
KEPCO 37 companies including LS Cable & System, Namjun, Nexus, Nuri Telecom, Taihan Cable & Solution, Songam Syscom.
Smart Transportation KEPCO 21 companies including KEPCO KDN, LS Electric, Lotte Data Communication, PNE Solution Sejin Electronics.
SK Energy 14 companies including Byucksan Power, EN Technologies, KODI-S, CT&T, Renault Samsung.
GS Caltex 7 companies including KT, Nexcon Technology.
Smart Renewable KEPCO 16 companies including Hyosung, Kokam, Nexcon Technology, SUDO Electric, Korea Southern Power.
Hyundai Heavy Industries 6 companies including SK Telecom, SK Energy, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute.
POSCO ICT 6 companies including LG Chemical, Daekyung Engineering, Korea Institute of Energy Research.
Smart Electricity Service Korea Power Exchange 7 companies including LS Electric, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Bitek Information & Communication, Wooam Corporation.
Smart Power Grid KEPCO 13 companies including Korea Power Exchange, Wooam Corporation, LS Electric, KEPCO KDN, Byucksan Power.