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Smart Grid Education Center

The center provides demand-tailored HR training that meets the needs of nurturing human talent in industries. It develops and operates smart energy educational programs for strategic industries like power/electricity, information communication, and electric cars.

smart grid campus
  • Skill enhancement education for job holders

    • Provides work-related education (Consortium for HRD Ability Magnified Program (CHAMP)).
    • Develops and operates subcontracted education programs tailored to the needs of the business areas of each company.
  • Energy Industry Job Analysis and Standardization

    • Smart grid-focused education for practical and field-oriented training of workers.
    • Develops national competency standards (NCS) for the energy sector.
  • Training of foreign human resources

    • Provides HRD trainings on South Korea's state-of-art, contemporary technologies to employees in the Smart Grid industry outside of Korea



  • Kim Seung Hun, Team Manager ( / 02-6257-3645)
  • Jeong Ju Ho, Staff ( / 02-6257-3640)
  • Lee Jeong Hwa, Staff ( / 02-6257-3633)